Chalk never grows old

We all have memories of playing with chalk at some point of time. Maybe at recess, the park, a playground, your driveway… that was fun. As far as adults playing with chalk, we’ve all seen the amazing illusions of stairs or a cliff magically drawn on a sidewalk in New York City, and I always remember the chalk drawing Rapunzel did in Tangled… But recently I ventured out to use chalk pastels, which I fell madly in love with and created a pretty cool piece of artwork (if I do say so myself)

- for sale
– for sale

This was done a while ago and I see so many things to fix now, but at the time this was one of the best pieces I had ever done. I still really like it… but the hair needs work and nothing is proportioned properly and the mouth is just way too small and the eyes are too far apart… The ear is perfect though. Actually no, it needs to be smaller, but that ear does look fantastic! Just take a second to look at that ear, that’s a pretty awesome ear! (awkward silence enter here because of my obsession over the ear) The technique used for this I love, next time I just need to take my time and make sure the drawing part is perfect. Here is the artist that inspired me.


Artist- John Smolko

The artist is John Smolko, you can check out his art here.



At first I didn’t really understand the technique, so I was blending with my finger and just messing around, but then I started to get the hang of it.

hammy wip 2


I basically did cross-hatching with chalk.

- for sale
– for sale

Happy Sketching!