I read this quote today I thought was cool, “Every creative person has that period of years where their work is not as good as they want it to be. They have incredible taste, and in having that taste they know that their work is not great, and that’s normal, everyone has that. Most people quit at this stage, thinking they’ll never make it, but every successful artist I know has pushed through it and just kept going.”

This is especially true for me. So far I’ve never gotten my work to look as good as the quality I have in my head. Or if I do, that feeling lasts for a few weeks, until I see all the mistakes in the piece and realize it stinks. However, this piece I was proud of for quite a while before I grew tired of it.

-Charcoal on paper
-Charcoal on paper

So I took a bunch of progress pics with this one. Click on the photos for details on how I created the drawing and what I used. I finished this in May 2016, and won Best of Show in my school’s yearly art exhibition.


Last month I found out drawing was published in the Summer 2016 edition of Celebrating Art, and won a High Merit award. I’m proud of this piece but it’s time to move on. I know I can do better now.


Once Upon a Time…

I know, I know I haven’t posted in 5 months. Sorry. I have lots of material though so let’s dive in.

Last year I did a post on my love for chalk pastels, that can be found here. This year I was challenged to draw a character from a pop culture film very very big with chalk pastels. The end result is a project I happen to be quite proud of.

I started out with a huge piece of paper. I don’t know the exact dimensions but it filled the table I worked at. I projected a drawing of the figure onto the bigger paper and traced it. Here is the initial drawing.

IMG_2940 (1)

To see more progress pictures you can look at my Instagram. Below is the reference photo and the final result. Obviously my drawing holds nothing to the reference photo,


IMG_2931 (1)



I will take a better quality picture of this soon. The drawing isn’t even finished here, I see so many things that I fixed later! I’ll try to get a new photo ASAP. I’ll write more about the learning experience later but I just want to get this posted for now, more to come!

The Joy of Art

Art brings me joy. Enough said.

If art brings you joy too, enjoy some of my favorite paintings.

Harding Meyer

James Abbott McNeill Whistler

Young Woman Study

Meghan Sours

Casey Baugh 6

Casey Baugh


Jeremy Lipking

Daniel Egeus

Daniel Egneus


Daniel Merriam


Brad Kunkle

Igor Morski 1960 -

 Igor Morski

Serge Marshennikov

Serge Marshennikov


Alyssa Monks


William Bouguereau

Art for Art’s Sake

Love, Jacquilyn Richardson