The Sketchbook Part III

     I’m still in high school. So I do art mostly for grades first, then for fun/money. While I am tempted to use my art periods as study halls I do sometimes actually have to do something, and thinking of a project to do is often much more difficult than doing them. When in doubt, I draw a portrait or still life (and if you look at my art projects from this year… I’ve been in doubt a lot.) This is good practice and exercise for the seeing parts of your brain. But sometimes, that just doesn’t cut it.
     So, what does this have to do with sketchbooks? Mix media sketchbooks are good for coming up with projects. They take pretty much any media, hence the name “Mix Media”. My favorite mix media sketchbook is by Canson.

     As you can see, my sketchbook has seen lots of love. I filled this in about 5 months. It’s actually in pretty good condition for that amount of time though. I love this sketchbook for a number of reasons. One is the cover. This cover is thick, and that protects the pages inside. If I stab this sketchbook with a pencil, the pages won’t be hurt because the cover is so thick. But take the sketchbook from my last post and stab it with a pencil, and at least 2 pages will have big dents on them. Not cool. Another reason is the thickness of the pages, which I also mentioned in my last post. These pages react better to watercolor and ink media because of the thick paper. The binding is really nice too. It’s not going anywhere. 
     Here I did a little inspiration board in this sketchbook for a project idea. Having the pictures in black and white leaves more room for color inspiration. It’s harder to imagine what something would look like in blue when its green on paper.
     This is a set of three commissions I did last year. I used pen, acrylic paint, and india ink on this sketchbook paper and it worked great.
     The picture on the left is the sketch of the final product on the right. The painting wasn’t actually done with the sketchbook paper because I wanted it to be bigger but I did put some watercolor on the sketch to brainstorm colors. I painted this over a year ago, and I added ganache to the final painting to the waves for a more realistic look.
Happy Sketching!