The Sketchbook Part II

     So, honestly, I have trouble filling an entire sketchbook. I usually work on one for a while, buy a new one, and start working on it. But I’ve been doing better. Sort of. I currently have 3 sketchbooks that I am working in. One, that I already did a post on, is perfect for carrying around. That one is for practice and fun. The one I’m showing today is used more for projects. It’s a bit too big to carry around in my purse.

     This picture is compliments of Google Search. My sketchbook is a bit worn… But this is the one I use. I love the 9×12 size. This sketchbook is made for pencils. I have used other sketchbooks made for pencil, but this is the best one I have used so far. If you are in a store and want to know which pencil sketchbook to get, look mainly at 2 things. The thickness of the paper, and how fine it is. What I mean by fine is how smooth it feels. If you have ever tried to use pencils on thick watercolor paper you will notice that the pencil doesn’t go all of the way into the grooves of the paper. It then takes up time to try to get the pencil into the grooves while simultaneously trying to keep the shade value consistent. It’s frustrating. That’s why there is paper just for pencil drawings. As for color pencils, I have used them on this paper but in my opinion they work better on thicker paper.

     I have been working on this pinecone for weeks. I use Reeves pencils, a kneaded eraser, and a blending stub. I will finish it. One day.
    I did this just for fun a couple weeks ago. I see a lot of things to fix but it was good practice.
Happy Sketching!