The Sketchbook Part I

     I have a sort-of addiction to sketchbooks. I have so many, but that’s okay because different sketchbooks are good for different things. Size, paper, binding, and more all come into play. Below is a current sketchbook I’ve been working on. A friend gave it to me for my 16th birthday. I love this sketchbook. The leather binding… the feel of the thick creamy pages in between my fingers… the sound of my pencils transferring to the paper… Ahm. Anyway. It’s really well made.

     Recently I have been trying to expand my horizons in the artistic department, and if you flip through this sketchbook you can tell. I am experimenting with new mediums and subjects. Sometimes… things don’t really work out. But I keep everything. I never tear out pages. They show progress… and it would damage the book. But still.
     I drew this a few months ago. I was very inspired by the designs of Elie Sabb at the time. This was drawn with a .05 Micron pen.
     I drew this while inspired by artist Jon Till, who I discovered over Instagram. This was done with a blue and black fine point sharpie. The pages of this sketchbook are pretty thick, so the ink rarely bleeds through.
     This one is pretty recent. I drew this with a new Nanoliner I got from Hobby Lobby. It took a while.
      This sketchbook is great for carrying around. It works with pretty much any medium, and it goes everywhere with me. It’s not ideal for big projects or tearing out pages. This sketchbook was from Hobby Lobby. As you can see, I spend a lot of time in Hobby Lobby. I love Hobby Lobby. And sketchbooks.
Happy Sketching!