Quick Work

Usually I spend a lot of time on a piece. I’ve spent anywhere from a couple hours to over 50-60 hours, but sometimes I get lucky and discover that I can make something awesome in under 10 hours, and that makes me very, very happy. The first piece is a drawing originally intended for my nephew, (although it did not turn out that way) who absolutely loves elephants.

This looks small, but it’s actually huge. I think it’s 19×24.

This next piece was a project for drawing class. We were supposed to do a highly contrasted or 2-tone self-portrait with some biography or just something about yourself written into the piece somehow. I love the look of overlapping writing, so I just layered pen and white acrylic paint until I got the look I was wanting, then I drew my portrait and put in some watercolor.

I don’t love this but a lot of other people did. (Is my taste backwards…?) Anyway I haven’t posted in a while but I’ve done a few pieces to expect some more posts soon.

Happy Sketching!

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