While I’ve never actually had training in photography I still enjoy it. Right now I use a Canon EOS Rebel T3i. It’s not mine, it’s actually my sisters. but she graciously allows me to borrow it when I want to. In return I photograph her gorgeous children during Birthdays/Events. I wanted to buy my own but I simply cannot afford a good one. Here’s some pictures from my first shoot a little over 2 years ago.

     This was taken in Utah at a state park. I absolutely love this shot. I felt very professional because I had to lay on the ground to get it.
     This was taken a while ago, maybe last summer? I took my camera and just shot things around my house, including these wildflowers.
     I hate to say, but I took this one with my phone. This was in Washington state.
     This one I’m especially proud of because of the editing, There was a big juice box but I removed it by hand. Can you tell where it was?

     All these were taken a year ago also. I haven’t been taking many pictures recently… Maybe I should bring out the camera sometime.
Happy Sketching!