My First Masterpeice


    Can we just take a moment and let this painting sink in. The rosey cheeks, the highlights, the shadows… Then let’s realize together that, I did this. Sure, it’s rough. But compared to my first attempt at a portrait painting, this is a masterpiece that belongs in The Frick Collection. It’s actually just a study but I love love love this. I don’t want to mess with it because I’m afraid I would ruin it, but then again it’s taken all my willpower to not touch it.
     So let’s talk about the process. Firstly I should mention that my sister helped and guided tremendously. My painting would have looked much different without her help. 
     So, first I used Duralar paper and I taped it to a black foam board. Then I took condensed linseed oil and put a very very very thin layer on the Duralar. Then I started mixing my paints. I used very limited palette of 4 colors, which I will do a post on later but here’s a sneak peak.
     So once that’s done I will take a hog bristle bush by Trekkel (size 8) and I will color in all of the darkest shadows with a brownish red color.
     After that I mix one single color and use it as a base color to afterwards add highlights and shadows.
     Then I start adding highlights and shadows in big chunks with no blending or touching the strokes after they are laid.
     Then I start to blend.
     This is the point that I needed to stop since this was only a study. Here is a gif progression of my painting. I just love seeing it progress. Unfortunately I cannot figure out how to get the final stage of the painting on there, but you know the finished result.
Happy Sketching!