Hey I Learned Something New

Okay I have many posts started about my first semester at college and I will get around to that before the second semester ends but firsssttt I must explain my obsession with photography and how it has changed my life.

If you’ve followed my blog from the beginning (shoutout to Mom) you’ll know that a while ago I posted like 4 pictures and I was super proud of myself.

Oh how times have changed.

At first I shot on automatic because I had no idea what any of the buttons or settings meant.

It honestly doesn’t look that bad, but you shoot 700 pictures on auto and you’re bound to get at least one good one. I filtered through a lot of ehhhhhhhh before this one happened.

So I got some critiques and other opinions, and their first question was “Did you shoot on auto?”

Not exactly the reaction I was going for.

So I did some heavy research on photography 101 and practiced with an online DSLR simulator deep into the wee hours of the night and into the morning, then I tried again.

I was getting somewhere. Not only does aperture change depth of field and the amount of light let into the lens, it also changes how the lens diffuses light. I had a cheat sheet in my pocket at the time and experimented with different combinations of f-stop and shutter speed until I knew what to expect. The wider the aperture the softer the light, if I had narrowed it here the sun would have focused light rays instead of being a soft… blob.

Tech talk decoded-

soft blobs of light = pretty pictures

This picture is my pride and joy because as I was taking it the feathers of the eternal angel of death tickled my soul as a truck rumbled so close to my head my hair was trampled by the weight of hot tires.

(I was laying in a parking lot and a truck almost ran over me but it’s fine)

I was very blessed with Tori and Drake as models because they’re naturals in front of the camera and know exactly what to do without me telling them, which is a big reason their photos turned out so well, because I knew nothing of posing at the time.

Initially posed but asked for a natural response such as intimacy or whispering a secret
Forced posing







See the difference? Look at the posing and the feeling each photo gives off. I’ll write more on this later.

Low. Light. Photography.


I learned a lot from this shoot. Including the importance of patience in focusing. And the balance between shutter speed and ISO. I’m still learning.

Low. Light. Photography.

Uggghhhhh this was the only good picture that came from that shoot. Like I said, still learning.


Shoot where the light is best. If your subject is close enough, any background will look great, like the trash dump behind my lovely model Destiny here.


What makes this picture good? Yes, my insanely beautiful model Kathleen helps, but look at the dark tones contrasting against the grey house, door, and steps. Contrast makes a focal point. Thus where my oil painting and digital worlds collide.










Shoot. In. RAW.

Why? This is a prime example. It’s a lot better to expose to the lights and then bring up the shadows in post. Shooting in RAW leaves a lot more information to work with in post so bringing up the shadows won’t equal a grainy photo.

As I said I have so much more to learn but I am loving every second of it.

How has this changed my life exactly?

Well….. Maybe I’m exaggerating a bit but I did change my degree to a double major in Studio Art and Electronic Media and Film with a minor in Digital Imaging.

It’s cool, I’m excited.

Until next time!