First Project

     The first day of school is the day I started my first official drawing project. My absolutely amazing art teacher saw no point in wasting time handing out papers to sign or going over a syllabus. He just told us what our first project would be and to get started.

     I usually have a hard time choosing what to do for a project. This is a combination of a lack of vision and my need for everything to be perfect. If I start a project and it’s not looking how I want, I might try again or start over. I drew thumbnail after thumbnail sketch but could not find a good project idea. Eventually my best friend Maddie gave me a good idea and I just went with it. I do not take credit for the idea, because it was totally hers. I am idea-less. 

     At this point I had used pencil for the bulb and watercolor for the baby and then chalk for highlights and the rest of the baby. 

     Then I added in gauche for highlights and continued shading the baby. This was the most difficult part. 
     This is the final project matted and signed. As you may notice I added a background. I didn’t like it at first but it’s growing on me. I got a 96% on it, which is actually okay. He has never given out a 100%. And rarely a 99%. I’m good with it. 
-Happy Sketching!