Artist of the Month?

     I’m kinda hesitant to write this, because I’m not much of an artist. Well, I am, but I’m not famous, or well known, or… known. But who am I to judge artwork?

     Which is why I’m not judging.

     I’ve decided that once a month I am going to choose an artist. An artist that I love, and then I am going to write about him/her. I’m not a fancy appraiser, but I love art. And I want to share it with people. Which is why I started this blog.

     So. Artist of the month of September issssssssssss…. (drumroll please) Kristin Baugh Shiraef! Sound familiar? Yes, she is Casey Baugh’s sister. I was actually following both of them on instagram and had no idea they were related until she posted a picture of them when they were kids. Small world. Anyway, saying I love her work is an understatement. Her… technique. It’s unlike anything I’ve ever seen. I draw what I see, but I can’t even try to replicate her style. I have, and probably will again, cried, over her work. I do it more than you would expect. Starry Night? Cried. Mary Cassatt? Cried. Vermeer? Cried. Of course these were all seen in person, but Kristin’s works were seen on the tiny screen of my iPhone.

     I am writing, and I am crying. It’s… so… BEAUTIFUL.

     Pass me the tissues.
Happy Sketching,