Artist of the Month- December

     This was supposed to go up in October… whoops. I could’ve sworn I posted this! I swear I’m losing my mind. Anyway, I check my blog to find a random spike 4 days ago, this is very unusual because most of my views come right after a post, so I looked into it. This spike was 100% from FRANCE. MY BLOG HAS GONE INTERNATIONAL. Technically it was already international as one of my best friends lives in Italy but that doesn’t count because, well, she’s my best friend.

     So, anyway, here’s my post from October that is just now going up. So far all of my artists of the month have been alive and well, but there is no rule stating that my Artist of the Month has to be alive, so today I am going to share my favorite artist of all time. Are you ready? You better sit down, and prepare yourself for the most amazing paintings known to man, in 3…2…1.


You go Squidward.

     Just kidding. Had you going there for a minute didn’t I. 
     Waterhouse. Ahhhhh I want to scream when I see his paintings. He’s legendary. 
     There’s just too much to say about it, on a level of 1 to even I just can’t. Just wow. Wow wow wow. 
    No one inspires me as much as Waterhouse. Except maybe Jesus. Wait, there’s no maybe about that Jesus definitely inspires me more than Waterhouse. But it’s close.
Happy Sketching!