A New Day

A few days ago me and one of my good friends decided to make good changes in our lifestyle and to start being more productive with our time. We made goals, and one of those goals was to make more goals. One of my new goals is to put my website up in priority. I want to start our posting at least once a week, and hopefully raising that number with time. I am posting this publicly to be held accountable. My head is teeming with new blog post ideas, so the hardest thing of execution is finding the time to post regularly.

Writing a post takes a lot more work than one anticipates. You have to write and edit and write and edit and post and edit pictures and post links and write and edit some more. Then  you have to add tags and choose a cover photo and make galleries and publicize and sign little things about rights and permissions. But I love writing, and hopefully I can use my blog as another creative outlet to decrease the stress of filling out numerous college applications.

Hopefully my effort to be more productive inspires you to make positive changes as well. Our country could use some more productivity and less sitting around binge watching Breaking Bad. Not saying that a binge-watching session isn’t always deserved. Sometimes they’re necessary, in moderation. Everything in moderation

Happy Sketching!