My Sketchbook (Part I?)

     So… I’m a junior. Huh.

    It seems like just yesterday that I started kindergarten…. Went through the awkward stages, got glasses, lost the glasses, got contacts just in time for middle school, and then became freshmeat, uh, I mean freshman, then had my sweet 16, and now I need to figure out which college to pay off for the next 15 years…

     Anyway, here is a look at inside my sketchbook. This sketchbook, which I wrote about on my very first blog post, oh so long ago.

     Look familiar? So I think I showed three drawings from this book on that post, but now I will show most of them. Not all of them. Because that would be extreme. Vamanos.

Don’t judge. This was a while ago.


I was in a mood.

I drew this in class.

Inspired by Kerby Rosanes

I love this.
So cute.
Yeah. I don’t know what it is either.

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This was on Instagram…
This was on Instagram too…..

Now it’s time to go college hunting.

Happy Sketching!

The Artist’s Guide to Artists

     Recently I read a very lovely post by of how to identify artists by their paintings, and most of the artists I recognized but I wanted to see more. So I decided to make a post with the same idea, but with my favorite artists. So let’s go.

  • If you feel dizzy when you look at it, it’s probably a Van Gogh.
  • If you have a hankerin’ for soup, it’s a Warhol.
  • If there are flowers, and more flowers, and even more flowers, it’s a Monet.
  • If the people are any color other than natural, it’s Munch.
  • If an animal is coming out of the frame, its by Marina Dieul.
  • If you’re wondering how on Earth it was modeled, it’s by Casey Baugh.
  • If someone’s in a bathtub, it’s by Alyssa Monks.
  • If there’s a lot of folds (but no wrinkles) in the clothing, it’s by William Whitaker.
  • If it’s a random, highly contrasted body part, it’s a Bargue.
  • And last but not least, if there’s something majorly wrong with it, then it might be done by me.
    • Happy Sketching!

      Doodle Woodle

           Hi! I’m back! So, I went on a cruise, and then I was in a play, and then I became incredibly busy. But I’m back now. We (My Sister, Mom and I) stayed on the Norwegian Epic, the second biggest ship at sea. It was huge. Huge. Here’s a quick summary of vacation.

      Yes, Yes I photobombed. Don’t judge.
           Now, to doodling. I love doodling. It helps me focus. My favorite blogger did a post on it before. It’s scientifically proven too. Here’s something from Harvard
           “People who doodled while listening to a monotonous message recalled 29% more information than non-doodlers on a surprise memory test” And here’s something from a fancy journal,
           “Doodlers retained more than non-doodlers when remembering information that had been presented in a boring context.”
           So, it must be true. I follow a lot of professional doodlers. (AKA extreme and freaking awesome doodles made by extremely patient and talented people) Kerby Rosanes being one. He runs a blog called “Sketchy Stories” and he’s A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. Another favorite is Peter Deligisch, who is a YouTuber who shows time lapses of his drawings.    
           I drew a pretty owl. Microns and Blick markers.

      Pretty Penguin
          I drew a penguin too! 

      Happy Sketching! (Or doodling…)