Jackie currently attends and lives at Capital University in Columbus, Ohio. She is studying fine arts and electronic media and film, including digital imaging. As Jackie develops her style, she is working with drawing, painting, photography, design, and ceramics.

Artist Statement

 I’ve never been one to express how I feel through art, how I feel is always too complicated. Rather, I find myself creating art to feel something new. Art has always been an escape, but to me it’s the journey that matters. My work doesn’t reflect what I feel but rather what I want to feel. Art makes me feel in control. Out of everything in my life, I can make something look exactly how I want. At any given moment I have the ability to put a pencil to paper and feel something new. Each piece becomes a part of who I am.

I don’t create to dissect life, or try to make meaning of it. I make art to add to my human experience. Being able to share that, and holding something beautiful in my hands as a result, that’s just an added bonus.

-Jacquilyn Richardson


Capital University B.A. (pending)

William Whitaker- Apprentice (4 quarters)

Logan Elm High School- High Honors and Honors Diploma


Acceptance in Schumacher Gallery Art Show

Celebrating Art- Published work and High Merit Winner

Circleville Pumpkin Show Art Competition- Best of Show

Circleville Herald Pumpkin Show Magazine Cover Contest- First Place



Hey I Learned Something New

Okay I have many posts started about my first semester at college and I will get around to that before the second semester ends but firsssttt I must explain my obsession with photography and how it has changed my life. If you’ve followed my blog from the beginning (shoutout to Mom) you’ll know that a while …


I read this quote today I thought was cool, “Every creative person has that period of years where their work is not as good as they want it to be. They have incredible taste, and in having that taste they know that their work is not great, and that’s normal, everyone has that. Most people …

7 Months Later

I graduated High School. Wasn’t as scary as I thought it’d be. Since my last post, I’ve: Gotten my lifeguard certification. Graduated. Went to Utah again, learned lots. Moved to Capital University. Been published. Made some art. It’s been a good time. College gives much time to procrastinate. Don’t worry, I still have the 4.0, …